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Kira has long blond hair and chiselled body as a result of the many different kind of sports she does. She has been wrestling for four years, appeared in videos for many sites, so thanks to her long experience, she is one of our best wrestlers. Her strengths are her strong legs, speed and good technique. Her favourite fights are the mixed ones: in which she can show her dominative and disgracing attitude. She is not only punishing her opponents by her perfectly carried out holds, but also with gestures and cruel words.

One of our fans wrote recently about Kira:
"She is very open, kind, playful and competitive to the highest degree. I enjoy her desire and confidence, the smart words she always has, whether wrestling or not ;-) Her personality is charming and alluring as one is drawn to listen to her every word. She is very graceful and moves so much like a cat. Her smile is as big as the room. I enjoy having conversations with her. Her most dangerous move is the figure 4 headscissors, no one gets out."


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